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Can a dog be a part of an a cappella group? Our answer is yes.

Room 202 of the Fred Fox School of Music was filled with chairs, tables, and Amplified members at 7p.m. on Nov. 7th, 2017. But a new guest also joined the group: a golden retriever named Dusty.

"Jordan, Ashley, Scott and I might be a tad late to rehearsal but we have a surprise for y'all so I promise it'll be worth it :)" Emily Spindler said to the group chat that night.

Dusty, nicknamed "Pants" and owned by member Jordan Murillo's parents, is a calm guide dog that happily padded over to every member in turn so she could get pet by everyone.

At first she was an unofficial Ampli-dog, just a happy surprise at rehearsals and sometimes at the Boombox. But she became such a big part of the group that we decided to make her an official member!

Find her profile on the members page here.

Dusty helped us out for our fundraiser to get to Utah for the ICCA Quarterfinals. If you want to see her video or donate to us, please click here!

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