Conspiracy Theories! - Are Rocky and Steffi actually married?!?

Wedding bells are ringing. We have a live report that, yes, soprano Steffi Pertsovsky and alto Rocky Baier are officially and legally married in the state of Arizona.

(Please note the above photo is REAL and does not in any way shape or form exhibit an extreme need for Photoshop to be taken away from Rocky).

Steffi and Rocky met in their freshman year of college, where they first saw each other across the room in choir class.

Above: Rocky (left) and Steffi (right) showcase their wiveliness after the end of year concert. They are both little baby freshmen here.

Little did they know they would become wives soon after.

They both lived on the third floor in the Árbol de la Vida dorm, both made it into Amplified, and both were honors students.

It started with just friendship, sometimes sleepovers. And now, a year later, they are living together in an apartment and still don't get tired of hanging out with each other.

"I find it funny that we see each other all the time and you're still the person I want to hang out with the most," Steffi once said over text to Rocky.

Rocky believes she is very lucky to have found a friend like Steffi.

"She's my best friend. I am so happy I came to the U of A just to meet her," Rocky said.

Steffi refers to Rocky as her wife, a cappella singer, best friend, magician... all in a Miranda Sings voice.

She's one of those acapella girls, she's also one of those acapella girls, and they're aca-married. It's official.

Steffi and Rocky would also like to note that they are both v single and if you want to take either of them on a date you should, like... do that.