Conspiracy Theories! - Are Jimmy and Scott the same person??

Don't call me crazy.

Everyone in our group has noticed the uncanny similarities between two members: Jimmy Lacey and Scott Kottmer.

The similarities start with their looks. They literally look the same.

Both Scott (right) and Jimmy (wait, no Jimmy is on the right... I think) are 6'3'' (which are multiples of three, could they also be in the ILUMINATI!?). They have brown hair, and both usually wear glasses (see below).

But not only that. They're both engineers. They're both basses. They have the EXACT SAME vocal range. And they both have hairy legs.

Their names together can create Jott, or Scimmy, which sounds like Skim Milk, which is low-fat, which is what they are... Skinny.

What could explain this crazy phenomenon?

Perhaps Amplified attracts certain people, but there has never been this similarity before.

"I think that when two can be one, then one is enough," tenor Jordan Murillo said. "Simple it down for you. When two can be one, there is only one, and that's enough."

"Deep," tenor Evan Brown said.

Jordan thinks we technically only need one of them. We could get rid of them, we don't have to, but if we did we'd be fine.

Soprano Steffi Pertsovsky was shocked that I even asked the question that they were the same person.

"Yeah, of course [they're the same]," she said. "If I have one, I have the other automatically."

Soprano Emily Spindler and Evan don't think they're the same person, saying they're not that similar.

"They really don't look alike. They're just, tall, white and basses," Evan said.

But what do Scott and Jimmy say??

"No, I am a unique individual. But I don't know, everyone says we are..." Scott said.

Scott tried to get out of the Scimmy/Jott comparison through branding.

"I've done so much branding to be known for McDonalds," Scott said of his eating habits. Scott goes to McDonalds approx. once every hour.

Jimmy just said, "No comment."

What do you think???